Tony Ridley

With 30 years international safety, security and risk management experience, Tony has an extensive knowledge and experience base, especially in the travel, tourism and mobility sectors.

Founding an international travel health, safety, security and risk management company, inclusive of a number of integrated travel technology systems, Tony has delivered hundreds of thousands of business travel safety ratings, information updates, alerts and risk assessments via a proprietary formula and system. This system is used and integrated with international insurance, assistance and travel technology providers.

As an ongoing international consultant and subject matter expert, inclusive of membership within the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, Tony has also provided technical and operational advice to clients and legal counsel in international matters.

Tony is currently studying a master’s degree in Security & Risk Management via the University of Leicester.

As the former Regional Security Director for a large international assistance company, Tony oversaw and led the daily travel health, safety, security and risk management intelligence, operations, evacuations and consulting services across 40 countries for six years. During this time, he directed and coordinated operational resources during the Bali bombing, Mumbai Terror attack, Sichuan earthquake, Marriot hotel bombings, Bangkok’s airport blockades, Beijing’s Olympic Games and thousands of individual support, advice and assistance cases.

For a few years, Tony worked in a variety of corporate and commercial security leadership across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, responsible for the security risk management services of 45+ sites, employing 3,500 staff and a suite of security operational departments. This included hotels, embassies and both commercial and retail real estate.

Prior to joining the commercial sector, Tony served for 13 years in the Australian military, predominately within special forces in the Special Air Service (SAS).

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