Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world but at the same time the sector is quite prone to diverse disaster risks.

Every year, we hear about earthquakes, tsunami, tropical storms and floods devastating tourist destinations in the world. Climate change has raised the frequency of extreme weather that impact tourism destinations and transportation to a great deal.

We are exposed to the threats of epidemics such as SARS, bird flu, Ebola, MERS and Zika.

Acts of terrorism are no longer limited to certain disputed regions but everywhere on the globe including peaceful tourist destinations.

In order to keep the healthy growth of travel and tourism, it is essential to make the destinations safer and more secure; better prepared for any potential disaster risks to the visitors and to the industry.

Well-prepared destination and tourism business are quick to plan and take necessary actions for post disaster recovery.

On-site consultation 

  • Whenever possible we should begin our consultation with a site inspection.
    It is to see the destination or stakeholder site,  assess the existing plans and communicate with the local stakeholders.

  • Alternatively remote consultancy would 100% rely on available research and stakeholders statements.
  • Visibility is an important part of our business. Consulting projects include 
  • Some projects can discussed electronically, others require brainstorming session and meetings