Jacobo Turquie, Mexico

Jacobo Turquie is a native of Acapulco, Mexico and part of Mexico’s outstanding international cuisine. Turquie graduated from the Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, New York). He is also an expert in tourism and served as the Secretary of Tourism for the Mexican State of Baja California Sur. Turquie combined his culinary knowledge with his tourism business skills as the Director of Tourism for the world famous tourism cities of Los Cabos. As such, he also helped coordinate the 2012 Los Cabos G-12 Summit.

Turquie’s fluency in both English and Spanish allows him to speak all over the world on such topics as culinary tourism, tourism and economic development and how tourism can be a generator for economic and social development. Beginning in 2014, Turquie also added a specialty in real estate to his portfolio. As such he is able to help communities develop their vacation home industry along with the lucrative retirement industry.

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