International Tourism Security Conference ​2020 

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SaferTourism Conference

The 26th annual International Tourism Security Conference  completed at the Las Vegas Convention Center in April.

The conference brought together hundreds of men and women from around the world, with expertise in law enforcement, counter-terrorism, hotel and destination security, to find new ways to protect tourists around the world.

Rabbi Peter Tarlow, a co-founder of the conference said:

“We bring in the top specialists from around the world,” he said, “And, we’re able to make Las Vegas the safest possible that can be done under heaven.”.

International media reported about the event.
It’s important for a tourist destination to be perceived as safe to people considering a vacation.

For attendees, the conference is an opportunity to learn from local tourism security experts, including security teams from are hotels.

Sgt. Bruce Crawford, with the Police Service of Scotland, picked up some pointers to take home to another hot spot for visitors. “The Isle of Skye is a very popular tourist destination in Scotland,” said Sgt. Crawford.

“What I’ve gathered from them is how they train their staff to get information from tourists, but in a friendly manner so the tourists don’t realize they’re getting that information from them.” Crawford added, “they’re able to then translate that information into intelligence on how they can keep their area safe.” 



How safe is travel according to Dr. Peter Tarlow

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