Caribbean a la carte Tourism, University of Havana, Cuba


The objective of this presentation was to discuss Cuban tourism development and the safety measures in travel process, installations and special destinations. Training focus on the following points: General features and facts of Cuban tourism development in the last 30 years; Some concepts on safety and security in Cuba (for travelers and locals); Tourism security processes; Security in travel to and from Cuba; Security in installations; Security from the territorial point of view (special destinations).

Host Professor Martin-Fernández has a degree in Economics, a Master degree in Tourism Marketing and a PhD. in Economics. He is working as Professor and Senior Researcher in the Faculty of Tourism, University of Havana. He works as a United Nations Consultant for the UN’s Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC); He is also a consultant at the Centro Internacional de la Habana (CIH); an Adviser of Tourism Development and Marketing for the Gaviota Group and Chairman of the National Commission of Cuba’s Tourism Higher Studies. Also he is member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Tourism, a member of the Editorial Board of Retos Turísticos, the Cuban Journal  of Tourism Higher Education and also member of the Journal on Leisure and Tourism Studies (ROTUR), University of Coruña, Spain.

Certificate presented to Ramon Martin

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